Parental Consent Form - Homestay


(This form must be completed for any student Under 18)

As the parent/legal guardian of the student below, I give my written consent, with this document, for the care arrangements for my child while in the UK; these arrangements include: their travel from the airport to school and from the school to the airport and their reception and care in the UK. I also consent that my child has the right to live and travel independently.

The Devon School of English will make the above arrangements for my child’s care and accommodation while in the UK and the school is fully compliant with relevant UK legislation and regulations.

By signing this document, I confirm that I understand and agree that our child will behave according to the terms and conditions explained on the Devon School of English website, in the students’ Welcome Pack and in the booking information and also confirm that our child understands the curfew times (time to return to the homestay in the evening) and what happens if they don’t come home at this time.

To Parent/Guardian
Medical Information
Medical Information - Part 2
Travel and Transfer Arrangements
Curfew Times

I agree the following times when my/son daughter must be in their homestay (time student must be home in the evening)


I understand that the Devon School of English may take photographs or video of students

during class or leisure activities and that these images may be used in the Devon School of English publicity or on its social media sites.

Free time for students on Junior Courses
Activities & Excursion Information

When your child visits a town or city, are you OK for your child to go shopping for a limited period in small groups without a member of our staff present?

Are you OK for your child to take part in: treasure hunts, team sports and games, beach games, disco, forest adventures, coastal walks, bowling?

Are you Ok for your child to take part in: boat trips, beach activities, raft building, swimming, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding?

Are you OK for your child to take part in: climbing wall, zip wire?




I understand that my son/daughter will come into regular contact with other students over the age of 18,

in class and during the leisure programme.
I understand that he/she is responsible for buying their own lunch during the week.

I understand that there are certain British laws (e.g. related to smoking and drinking alcohol) that apply to people aged under 18. As a consequence, there may be some leisure activities which my son/daughter cannot take part in because of their age.

When the morning or afternoon lessons are finished, students can either stay at school or they can go home to their homestays. It is also a time that they could use to visit the centre of Paignton or Torquay or go shopping or spend free time on the beach. Students will be unsupervised at this time before they return to their homestay for dinner. The school will ask every day what plans these students have for their free time so that we know where they are.


Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and activities and to be in their accommodation at the stated times. If you wish your child to be absent from the course at any time, please contact the Devon School of English directly so that suitable arrangements can be made.

I hereby confirm all the permissions I have given above.

I hereby confirm that I have understood this document and confirm all the permissions I have given above.

I understand that I must inform the School or group leader as soon as possible of any change in the medical situation of my child before the date of travel.